Sasuntsi Davit


Sasuntsi Davit – Armenia’s renowned warrior has statues commemorating his mythological adventures located at the Sasuntsi Davit Metro station in Yerevan, on Tigran Mets Street.This image of Davit, who fearlessly defended his people from foreign invaders, is similar to that of the warriors in Russian folk legends. In 1938 many people in the Soviet Union celebrated the millennium anniversary of the legend of Davit Sasuntsi.

About The Sculptor:
In 1939 Yervand Kochar began turning the character of this legendary hero into a statue. A plaster cast of “Sasuntsi David” was erected in the square near Station in Yerevan. In 1941, following a false political accusation, Kochar was arrested. He spent 2 years in prison and was formally disgraced, and his plaster-cast of “Sasuntsi David” was destroyed. Twenty years later, Yervand Kochar returned to his project of sculpting the character of Sasuntsi David. In 1959, in the same square as the original plaster-cast, new statue of David was erected. This time made in brass (to withstand the ages) by the architect M. Mazmanian. In comparison with the statue of 1939 it was not only bigger, but it also had special elastic language and it is a wonderful part of Armenia’s cultural historical work.